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What Goes Up ...
Surviving the Manic Episode of a Loved One

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What Goes Up ...
Songs of Loving Someone Bipolar

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Judy Eron


My husband Jim was a psychologist, a warm and wonderful man who had manic-depressive illness. After 13 successful years on lithium, he abruptly stopped taking it, which catapulted him into a year-long manic episode, changing him from soulmate to horrific imposter, and ultimately leading to his suicide. What Goes Up... is a personal account of my efforts to deal with his sudden enormous changes, how off-center I was thrown despite being a clinical social worker myself, despite Jim's and my thinking we were prepared.

During that year, I searched for resources. Although there were many books about dealing with a loved one who is depressed, I found precious little about dealing with someone who is manic. My book is what I would have wanted to read then, a book that would likely have helped me stay grounded in the face of Jim's ferocious persuasiveness. My hope is that this book will reach those who find themselves in similar shoes to mine.

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